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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Axis of Evil 3, G W Bush 0

Bush identified 3 nations as forming an "Axis of Evil". Let's see how well his administration has done:

Iraq: we replaced Saddam Hussein with an expensive quagmire that likely has made day-to-day life in Iraq even more difficult for them than it was before.

North Korea: now seems to have an atomic bomb and some missiles.

Iran: on its way to being nuclear, and increasingly hostile. It's probably not possible for Iran to avoid becoming nuclear since it is surrounded by nuclear neighbors (India, Pakistan, Israel, Russia), and national pride would be wounded by the thought that a two-bit nation like North Korea got the bomb and they backed down.

In fairness, these have been difficult foreign policy challenges for a long time (we fought a war in Korea in the 1950's, remember), but the current administration has made substantial progress -- unfortunately negative progress.