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Saturday, November 17, 2007

SMAC'ing SPAM, with bonus SPAM haiku

Bart writes:

"I miss USA so much, I could even do with SPAM. Europeans have developed
a substitute. It is marketed under the name "SMAC" I am writing this
because I have a feeling you really want to know this."

You'd be wrong about that, Bart. But you are forgiven since you enclosed such wonderful SPAM haiku, credited to the MIT Spamku archive.

Next-door barbecue.
Smell of T-bones waft over.
Eat SPAM with closed eyes.

"Does Spam contain tongues?
When you eat it, does it taste
you as you taste it?"

Evita eats a
slab of SPAM, sings "Don't Cry For
Me, Minnesota."

SPAM glistens pinkly;
Cat taps it with wary paw
To see if it's dead.

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