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Monday, March 31, 2008

Chris Blattman's Blog: Holy evaluation

Chris Blattman's Blog: Holy evaluation

More proof that in the real world you can be religious and observe good scientific method as well.

My favorite excerpt:

I hum and haw about comparison groups, going through my impact evaluation 101 schpiel. I have serious concerns that one would or could develop a control group, let alone randomize, for such a program. So I dance delicately around the subject.

"Wait a minute," interrupts the Imam, "Are you talking about a randomized control trial?"

I gape.

"Oh I see!" says one Reverend Minister, "We need a control group! This is a good idea."

It turns out his holiness was once an agronomist. "This is just like our control plots for fertilizer. But how are we going to control for spillover effects?"

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