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Thursday, September 25, 2008

"The Office" proves I'm a romantic at heart!

[This contains a spoiler for the season premiere Sept 25 of "The Office", so if you are planning to watch on-line later, skip it]

I'm watching "The Office" tonight and my wife sits down to watch beside me. Jim and Pam, the romantic interest in the show (and likely in all of NBC television, given NBC's low ratings) are near engagement. So, tonight, Jim finally pops the question -- on a rest stop between Scranton and New York City.

One January long ago, I pulled off Interstate 94 between Chicago and Ann Arbor into a rest stop near Battle Creek, got down on one knee and proposed to my wife. It was a romantic moment.

We didn't stay at the spot long, because I had inadvertently picked a large tree next to the dog run. A similar thing on "The Office" -- it's raining hard, so they can't stay in that spot for long.

If my wife needed proof that I'm a hopeless romantic -- and she needs plenty of proof -- shouldn't this be enough?

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