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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A good Palin response

Credit where credit is due to Sarah Palin.

From The Swamp:

Sarah Palin... sat down with CNN... Drew Griffin, asked Palin ... "The National Review had a story saying that, you know, I can't tell if Sarah Palin is incompetent, stupid, unqualified, corrupt or all of the above.

Palin: "Who wrote that one?"

CNN: "That was in the National Review, I don't, have the author."

Palin: "I'd like to talk to that person."

That's a pretty reasonable response. After all, the article isn't necessarily the opinion of The National Review, but of a particular writer -- is the New York Times responsible simultaneously for David Brooks, Paul Krugman, and Steven Levitt?

And why not offer to talk to them? [presumably with preconditions, since Palin doesn't seem to think there should be talks without preconditions]

Sarah Palin's not stupid. Not qualified to be president, either, but not stupid. There are lots of smart people who aren't qualified to be president (including, for example, me, the late William Shockley, tons of tenured professors at top institutions, and many executives of financial institutions).

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