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Friday, October 31, 2008

Ten ways to tell your hotel is too much of a bargain

From the Christian Science Monitor



2. Sign in lobby says “Llamas, sheep, or other livestock must not be left in rooms unattended.”

9. When you call the front desk to ask where the ice machine is located, the voice on the other end says, “We don’t have ice right now – the river isn’t frozen.”



My worst hotel experience involved working late at a client, so I arrived at the Sheraton at about midnight, dead tired.


The person registering ahead of me was told “You’re lucky. This is our last room.”  But I wasn’t worried, because I had a guaranteed reservation.


WRONG: They gave me a funny look when I gave them my credit card. Sheraton had just given away MY room despite the guarantee. Other nearby places were also full. They offered to let me sleep – free – in a conference room, on a rollaway bed.  I took them up on it.


The bastards charged me anyway and it took some weeks and several calls to get the charge reversed. I’ve not stayed in a Sheraton in the 9 years since.

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