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Monday, November 10, 2008

Usually, it's incumbent upon us...

In 2008, none of the four presidential or vice-presidential candidates was an incumbent president or VP. This is pretty rare lately, although it used to be more common. Here's past elections:

Last election before 2008 with no incumbent presidents or vp's involved seems to be 1952:
2004: GW incumbent p
2000: Gore incumbent vp
1996: Clinton incumbent p
(and Gore was incumbent vp, but I'm only going to list one incumbent)
1992: GHW incumbent p
1988: GHW incumbent vp
1984: Reagan incumbent p
1980: Carter incumbent p
1976: Ford incumbent p
1972: Nixon incumbent p
1968: Humphrey incumbent vp
1964: LBJ incumbent p
1960: Nixon incumbent vp
1956: Eisenhower incumbent p
1952: Eisenhower-Nixon vs Stevenson-Sparkman - NO INCUMBENTS
Side note: Kefauver won all but 3 primaries, but did NOT get the nomination!
1948: Truman incumbent p
1944, 1940, 1936: FDR incumbent p
1932: Hoover incumbent p
1928: Hoover-Curtis versus Smith-Robinson - NO INCUMBENTS
1924: Coolidge incumbent p
1920: Harding-Coolidge vs Cox-FDR - NO INCUMBENTS
1916: Wilson incumbent p
1912: Taft incumbent p
1908: Taft-Sherman vs Bryan-Kern - NO INCUMBENTS
1904: TR incumbent p
1900: McKinley incumbent p
1896: McKinley-Hobart vs Bryan-Sewall/Watson - NO INCUMBENTS
Side note: Bryan nominated on both Democratic and Populist
tickets, but with different VP's
Wikipedia note: "It was felt that Sewall's wealth might encourage him to help pay some campaign expenses."
1892: Harrison incumbent p
1888: Cleveland incumbent p
1884: Cleveland-Hendricks vs Blaine-Logan - NO INCUMBENTS
1880: Garfield-Arthur vs Hancock-English - NO INCUMBENTS
1876: Hayes-Wheeler vs Tilden-Hendricks - NO INCUMBENTS
1872: Grant incumbent p
1868: Grant-Colfax vs Seymour-Blair - NO INCUMBENTS
1864: Lincoln incumbent p
1860: Breckinridge incumbent vp
1856: Buchanan-Breckinridge vs Fremont-Dayton vs Fillmore-Donelson
- NO INCUMBENTS, but Fillmore was a former president
1852: Pierce-King vs Scott Graham - NO INCUMBENTS
1848: Taylor-Fillmore vs Cass-Butler - NO INCUMBENTS
1844: Polk-Dallas vs Clay-Frelinghuysen - NO INCUMBENTS
1840: Van Buren incumbent p
1836 Van Buren incumbent vp
1832: Jackson incumbent p
1828: John Quincy Adams incumbent p
1824: too many candidates to type, but - NO INCUMBENTS
1820: Monroe incumbent p
1816: Monroe-Tompkins vs King-Howard/Ross/Marshall/Harper - NO INCUMBENTS
1812: Madison incumbent p
1808: Clinton incumbent vp
1804: Jefferson incumbent p
1800: Adams incumbent p
1796: Adams incumbent vp
1792: Washington incumbent p
1789: incumbency not possible
Side question: All states voted for Washington, but how many
states was that? Answer below.


NC and RI had not yet ratified the constitution. There
was a deadlock in the NY legislature and they did not appoint
electors. So only ten states voted for president in 1789.

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