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Monday, December 29, 2008

"December to Remember" -- but why?

Kim, whose blog is The Darwin Exception, always has interesting things to say. I didn't find this her blog, but on AFCA.

Anyone who's turned on the TV has seen car ads this December, explaining what a marvelous surprise gift a new car would be. Buying your spouse a car? Really? Do people do that? Kim has a similar take:

I don't understand the whole concept of this gift. Now, let's say Paul bought me a Lexus for Christmas (fat chance, but let's pretend). Now either he has

1. Taken out a loan for a major ticket item without consulting me.
2. Taken a significant portion of our cash and gone it spent it without consulting me.

Either one of which is going to ... piss me off.

I mean, who does this? Who goes and buys something like a car without even consulting their significant other? Especially the kind of high dollar car that is usually in these advertisements?

And do the people getting the cars in these commercials just have so much cash that they just don't notice that the amount needed to buy the car is now gone? Hell, I notice when Paul stops by Taco Bell for lunch and that money is gone.

> Sure, but Paul's probably capable of eating about $30 worth of Taco Bell.

This is true. When we go to McDonald's I take along plates and silverware. I figure if I'm eating a $75 meal, I might as well eat off a real plate.

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  1. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I'll like someone to surprise me with a new car, but maybe those were some pretty good reasons not to expect this. More's the pity.