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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

University spam

This Malaysian spam site seems to be selling fake degrees (although it might be a version of the Nigerian scam – I’m not going to try and find out!).


What’s notable is the amount of bad spelling and grammar on an “education” site.




Power Business Academy Sdn Bhd

Global Edulink Center


Everyday we see Global Stocks Market sell down -5%, -8%, -10%, -12%. Whats happening to the global economic? The answer is Economic Turmoil and Global Recession is NEAR! Are you READY to face this pressure when your company issuing you the Mandatory or Voluntary Retrenchment Scheme or in worse case, company closing down?


To Become University Affiliation/Partnership Center or Agency:

Come and joint this recession proof industry where you will never facing this pressure anymore and guarantee your income will get better and better. We are looking nationwide University Representative and Partnership/Affiliation Center.


To prepare yourself for NEXT BOOM market:

Currently Power Business Program Offering many type of University programs to cater for working adults at an affordable fee. Works experience can be treat as University credit transfer* from working adults.




Global Edulink Center

xxxxx KL, Malaysia

Tel: xx-xxxx xxxx   Fax: xx-xxxx xxxx


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Penang, Malaysia

Tel: xx-xxxx xxx    Fax: xx-xxxx xxx



* Subject to approval





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