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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Congratulations (probably) to Jill Brickman

Mike Quigley won the race to take over the 5th Congressional seat, formerly held by Rahm Emmanuel:


Dem Quigley 7579 votes

Grn Reichel 633 votes

Rep Pulido 4590 votes

Total votes 12802 With 92/92 precincts


That’s a low turnout for a congressional seat.  In Northfield Township, where I voted, there was a tight race for township supervisor.  


Rep Jill Brickman  5097 votes

Dem Karen Nystrom 4977 votes

Total votes 10074 with 85 of 86 precincts – almost as many votes!


So, with 85 of 86 precincts, it looks like I can congratulate Jill, a long-time friend and neighbor. Yes, I am a Democrat, but I was happy to support Jill, whose advice on political matters I find sound.  


Democrat Nystrom and her colleagues ran a strange campaign in which they strongly attacked Todd Stroger, the Democratic(!) county board head who wasn’t even running in the election!  It’s doubtful that Todd and Jill have ever met or even exchanged e-mail.  But they found a tenuous connection which gave them an excuse to put Todd’s (black) picture next to Jill’s in their campaign mailings. I am ashamed of the local Democratic party for engaging in such blatant and misleading race-baiting.


Turnout was so light that when I showed up at 6:35 a.m. I was the second voter.  The doors were locked (I showed them how to unlock them).  They spoiled two machine ballots (they couldn’t figure out how to get them working in the machine) before giving me a paper ballot.


As for the township board itself, voting was both close and seemingly random so some Democrats and some Republicans seem to be elected, although there’s still one more precinct to be recorded. http://www.voterinfonet.com/results/040709/Summary%20Report3.pdf


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  1. Thanks, Mike. We got the final precinct's numbers around 2:30 this afternoon and my margin grew very slightly so it's official.

    I appreciate your support.