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Friday, August 14, 2009

Register your loyalty cards!

Why? Here's a good reason.

Yesterday evening I found keys at Madison and Canal in Chicago. This is a busy Loop intersection directly between Union Station and Ogilvie Transportation Center, so the owner could be anywhere.

No problem, I think. There are 3 loyalty cards there. I'll call them, they contact the owner, and keys will be returned. I've done this before when I found an employee ID badge. But there's a problem.

The Champs VIP card wasn't registered. They said I could leave my name and number in case he contacted them, but it was a longshot.

The Speedy Rewards card from Speedway also wasn't registered, so they couldn't contact him either.

The Finish Line Winners Circle card doesn't have a contact number, but does suggest returning the card to an address in Indianapolis. Odds are that card isn't registered either, and the keys will just be lost forever in Indianapolis.