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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Support Ellipsis Day!

My good friend Chuck suggests a new campaign topic for National Punctuation Day (here and here).

I'd like to suggest an addendum to National Punctuation Day - Support Ellipsis Day.  As you can tell, I appreciate commas, and I can be accused of overusing the ellipsis ..., but often the world could be improved by an additional ellipsis...
 What I left out there, with the "..." elipsis, was Chuck wondering "what is the plural of ellipsis?". That's ellipses.

I like the idea of campaigning for additional ellipses -- it has that not-quite-self-contradictory quality, like campaigning for added omissions,

What day should this be? Well, 3 dots is "S" is Morse code, "S" looks a bit like "5", so probably May 5th (5/5) would be good.  Or maybe September 3rd, with S for September and 3 for the 3 dots.  Or March 3rd (3/3)  What do you think, Chuck?