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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Where's the Science at ScienceBlogs?

Andrew Gelman, a respected political scientist and statistician, has expanded his set of blogs and has started writing one at ScienceBlogs, so I decided to see what ScienceBlogs was all about.

It's about a lot of stuff, but science doesn't seem to be particularly prominent. It seems to be more of a place to do religion bashing. Here's four out of the six most recent posts across the many bloggers at ScienceBlogs (all by different bloggers):

Freethinker Sunday Sermonette: I Could've had Religion

Ray Comfort meets the Evangelist's Nightmare

Against multiculturalism (multireligionism)

Christopher Hitchens doesn't like Mother Theresa

There's more, but I think my point is made. Four out of the last six. I don't see much "Science" in these, although the boundaries of social science are wide.

Perhaps I should take more of a sample before I give up on the site, but for now I'll pass.