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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Acronym Bingo and variations

Try Acronym Bingo at your next meeting. Everyone guesses how many acronyms will be used in the first five minutes of the meeting. (IEP, NCLB, ILD, HUD, etc.) The guesses are put on a card. The person most likely to fall asleep in the meeting keeps the official count, just to give them a reason to stay awake. At the end of five minutes, if your number is closest, you get to stand up and shout, "Bingo!!" " 
Variation: Each person picks an acronym of their choice, along with a "safe word".  Let's say I pick "SNAFU" and my safe word is "bonus".  Once the acronym "SNAFU" is used, I have to work my safe word "bonus" into the conversation somehow, by asking a question of the person who used "SNAFU".  Once I do, I win.

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