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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chicago Tribune plan for hoarders

Mary Schmich’s column in the Trib deals with hoarders.  It’s a little shocking to see the ad for Trib subscriptions in  the middle of it, because nothing says “hoarding” more than having a bunch of old newspapers sitting around:


Hoarding is fashionably freakish these days.

Last summer, A&E premiered "Hoarders," a popular reality show about people whose homes are pathologically clogged with stuff.

E.L. Doctorow's latest novel, "Homer & Langley," is based on the real life of two wealthy hoarding brothers.

The wildly public Lindsay Lohan recently labeled herself a secret hoarder and escorted cameras through her mansion to prove it.

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But there was nothing entertaining about what police found Monday in an apartment on the South Side of Chicago. For what may have been three weeks, a husband and wife in their mid-70s — a retired zoologist and retired schoolteacher — were trapped in their own junk and squalor.

The police described them as hoarders.







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