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Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11: Douglas WY to Caspar WY

64 miles

Late start, and it got later when Abby got her tire caught in a crack in the concrete and went down.  Luckily there was just road rash and a couple of dings on the bicycle, but no serious damage to either.

A woman walking her dog came up to see if Abby was OK, and recommended WY 93/95 to Glen Rock and they US 20 (same road) to Caspar.  This was a good route since it avoided getting on I-25, and led us through very quiet range areas of Wyoming. Saw lots of pronghorn, some sheep along with the usual cows and horses, and endless grass.

Headwinds again today.  We stopped at the first tree we'd seen in miles and took a rest about 10 miles from Caspar, and all fell asleep.  It was a sweet nap, but when we woke up the headwinds had reached strong, late afternoon intensity and it was a struggle the last few miles.

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