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Friday, July 16, 2010

July 16: Jackson WY to Idaho Falls ID

88 miles

With some trepidation, we headed out to cross the remaining Rockies.  Abby and I took on Teton Pass, with 10% grades up and down.  Abby made it all the way up and down completely; I walked some. The picture above is from the top of Teton Pass, looking back towards Jackson Hole. We started the second shift at Victor, ID.

Beth and Abby then crossed another pass over to Swan Valley (Pine Ridge Pass?), with 6% grades.  Beth and I then climbed out of Swan Valley (a considerable hill, but nothing like the others) and had -- gasp -- a tailwind until we stopped due to yet more construction on US 26 near Idaho Falls.

All in all, a much easier day than anticipated.

Note: July 15 we took a rest day, jumped in the car and went on a one day tour of Yellowstone. We hit all the usual high points, none of which any of us had seen.  Because this would be just like many other travelogues of Yellowstone, I'm going to skip blogging it. It's a magical place.

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