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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27: Sisters OR to Eugene OR

94 miles

Two human sisters in front of two mountain sisters; McKenzie Pass
Yesterday, Beth did her first century ever.  Today, I only need 6 more to get a century, but right now I'd rather have a beer.

Abby and I climbed up to McKenzie Pass in the Cascades just out of Sisters. This was a beautiful climb with lots of forests, wildflowers and then surprising lava fields that reminded me of the island of Hawaii.

Abby and I then descended and then Beth and I finished up the day.  So I did 94, Abby did 37 and Beth did 57.  Beth and I had a lot of traffic on SR 126 and not a lot of shoulder, but enjoyed the beautiful, lush McKenzie River valley.

I continue to have problems with these Panaracer Tserve Protex for Messenger tires.  Three flats today: one glass, one a small nail, and one a pinch flat from running over a large pointed piece of gravel. The pinch flat may have been more likely because the mini-pump we have with us on the road won't get fully up to 110 pounds of pressure.  I might add that Beth has had no flats all trip and I'd only had one until I switched to these tires.  I think the three flats today put me at more than one per day average for these tires. I will never buy another Panaracer tire. These are "messenger" tires, and have kevlar belt(s) that should result in few flats.

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