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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Some commenters aren't hip? Oh.

This joke -- and the kicker -- was posted by Chris on AFCA
From today's Daily Telegraph website readers comments.

"Back in the days when north American Indians lived in teepees, there were
three ladies who were pregnant, and they all gave birth on the same day. It
was the custom to be on an animal skin when this occurred.
The lady on the Elk skin had a son.
The lady on the Deer skin had a daughter, and the one on the Hippopotamus
skin gave birth to a son and daughter.
This went to prove that:
The squaw on the Hippopotamus was equal to the sum of the squaws on the
other two hides."

"Were there hippopotamuses in North American then ?"

To which others replied predictably:

"I think that hippothesis has been refuted "

"It's not a hippothesis, so that's irelephant. "

"Are you being hippo-critical? "



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