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Saturday, December 18, 2010

6481 unread emails

I signed onto my corporate email just now and was informed I have 6481 unread emails.


OK, I’m not the most diligent correspondent, but I usually keep my unread email down somewhere in 3 digits. How was this possible?


Somehow (perhaps when my computer was reimaged earlier in the month) I got signed up for some RSS feeds.  One of these contains 6202 unread messages.  The folder containing these items is so large it is taking forever to open.


[a few minutes later, when the folder opens]


What’s in it is a BBC News feed. I must have signed up for this inadvertently.  It’s several months of BBC feeds, which provides an interesting perspective on news from several months ago that I didn’t read and wasn’t any the worse from not knowing.


Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson is giving a ministerial statement on the severe weather to the Scottish Parliament.

A tiny mushroom little know to scientists is to blame for more than 400 sudden deaths in Yunnan province, experts say.

The Colombian army installs a giant Christmas tree in Farc rebel territory to encourage guerrilla fighters to demobilize.


PM condemns sympathy for Moat






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