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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Have Packers forgotten Favre?

Sports hyperbole is a genre all its own.

First of all, you have to remember that sportswriters like to be quoted, and like to maintain access to the people who might give them good material.

Second of all, these guys are writing on deadline. This article appeared only a few minutes after the game was over.

Nevertheless, http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110110/ap_on_sp_fo_ga_su/fbn_packers_eagles 

goes pretty far over the line.


By ROB MAADDI, AP Pro Football Writer Rob Maaddi, Ap Pro Football Writer 2 mins ago

PHILADELPHIA – Aaron Rodgers doesn't have to worry about the ghost of Brett Favre anymore. He's made his own name with the Green Bay Packers, even more so with his first playoff victory.

Rodgers threw three touchdown passes, seldom-used rookie James Starks ran for 123 yards and the Packers beat Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles 21-16 in an NFC wild-card game Sunday.

"I never felt like there was a monkey on my back," Rodgers said. "I'm just so proud of these guys."

Rodgers patiently waited three years to become Green Bay's starter and took over after Favre's messy departure before the 2008 season. He long ago made Packers fans forget about Favre, and now has punctuated his impressive resume with his first playoff win in two tries.

I don’t think many Packer fans have forgotten about Favre. Not even Bears fans have forgotten about what Favre did in Green Bay.  Packer fans aren’t particularly prone to forgetting anyway. I think they have a pretty good memory not just of Favre, but of Bart Starr, Jerry Kramer, and a lot of even older Packers. The Packers are one of the great franchises in sports, which is part of what makes the Packers-Bears rivalry so great.

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