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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"You won't feel a thing" -- the great lie of dentistry

Visited the oral surgeon this afternoon to have a tooth extracted and a bone graft put in, in preparation for an implant.  Everything's been done to this tooth: several fillings, 3 crowns (first one at age 25), root canal, periodontal surgery to remove a root, antiseptic losenge placement, and now this.

They tell you that once you have anesthesia you won't feel a thing, but the reality of it is that tooth extraction is pretty mechanical and there's a lot of stetching and banging of areas that aren't under anesthesia. The tooth is on the left side, and by the time we were done my right jaw was pretty sore. 

Still, I was grateful to have this done in 2011, not 1811 (before the development of anesthesia).

Now the anesthetic is wearing off, and it hurts like heck. I went in at 2, I left about 3:30, and it's 6pm now, so perhaps by the time i get ready for bed it will hurt less.

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