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Monday, May 30, 2011

Tressel resigns from OSU

Jim Tressel resigned as Ohio State football coach. “Tressel is still scheduled to go before the NCAA's committee on infractions in August for lying to the NCAA and then covering it up — the most egregious of sins for a coach in the eyes of college sports' ruling body.” Perhaps some of my feelings are colored by the fact that he went 9-1 against Michigan, my alma mater.

But I am struck by this:

The author of two books about faith and integrity…

Is this the equivalent of politicians gay-bashing and turning out to be gay? Or emphasizing family values while having a mistress? This is the sin of hypocrisy.

Or, is this the case of thinking yourself a good and religious person, with the best of motives, and therefore assuming those motives are pure enough to shade the rules a bit? And then a bit more? And then a bit more? This, I think, is some variant of the sin of pride.

Of course the best example of those with high religious and moral motives screwing up is the members of the Catholic church hierarchy who failed to exercise proper institutional control over priests engaged in pedophilia [pre-pubescent] and statutory rape [post-pubescent] – much, much worse than anything Tressel is accused of.