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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Katy Trail, Day 2

Storms in the middle of the night and severe thunderstorms in the early morning. This led to another late start; some of us also wanted to go to the Civil War re-enactment in Boonville – a big one since it was the 150th anniversary of the first Battle of Boonville.

So, we split up, Glenn, Kayla and I drove halfway, and then left the car for the others and biked into Boonville.

We had lunch at Glenn’s Café in the Hotel Frederick.  Boonville has a lot of German heritage, but there’s also a fair amount of the South in this area of Missouri.  This was well illustrated by lunch, which consisted of knockwurst and sauerkraut – with fried okra.

I rode out to the Civil War re-enactment, which was fun.  It got a bit confusing to me, since I was watching from the rebel artillery position, and from there the Battle of Boonville re-enactment at 1:30, the cavalry demonstration at 2, and the generic battle at 2:30 all ran into each other and I couldn’t quite tell where one ended and the next started.

We walked through one of the Southern camps, where the people were very nice and very patient with questions. They clearly liked talking about the Civil War in general and their re-enactment group in particular.

Pictures? Camera battery is low and reluctant to work. Others are taking lots of pictures so I’ll have to wait to post some.

Not a lot of miles: 18 on the trail, plus about 10 riding out to the re-enactment and back.

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