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Sunday, August 28, 2011

10 month anniversary

Abby and Luke have been married almost ten months. 

It’s time to share my ten month anniversary story – a cautionary tale for Luke.

In late October many years ago, I was working on my dissertation and sharpening a lot of pencils as I worked through equations. I decided I needed a school-quality pencil sharpener – one of those ones you hand crank. That would give me a consistent sharp point.

I went down to Main Street to a stationary store and bought a modest one with a suction base, so I wouldn’t have to screw it into our apartment wall.  As I walked back, I remembered it was our ten month wedding anniversary, so I wrapped it up and presented it to Deb as an anniversary present.

Imagine her surprise and joy at seeing the pencil sharpener!  Actually, you’ll have to imagine it, because there wasn’t any joy.

“You got me a PENCIL SHARPENER for our anniversary?!?”

“Deb, it’s a joke. We weren’t planning on celebrating monthly anniversaries. I just wanted to show me I remembered.”

“You got me a PENCIL SHARPENER for our anniversary?!?”

You can see how this went.  Deb loves to tell how I got her a pencil sharpener for our anniversary, relying on me to fill in the details after the initial shock to whoever she’s told this to.  It’s in good fun, although there’s an undertone of “my husband is so clueless” that creeps in (and I have to plead guilty to).

So, my advice: Be careful, Luke!

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