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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Umbrella people … and not

There’s an interesting story in the NYTimes about a high end umbrella shop – cheapest umbrella $38, on up to $995. High quality, some works of art.  http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/08/18/when-the-point-isnt-just-to-stay-dry/?hp 

They sell for $38 to $995, come in designer fabric from Jean Paul Gaultier ($170); with handles made from bamboo, hazel and ash ($305); or shaped to look like cats ($75) and skulls ($165); or tipped with sterling silver ($995). They are flown in from Milan; London; Braunau, Austria; and Paris — where the manufacturer Guy de Jean sews a model called the “Cancan,” named for its layers of swishy pink fabric voluminous as a dancer’s petticoats ($170).

Seems a shame to get them wet.

Are you an umbrella person? Or not?

My wife is an umbrella person. She has several inexpensive umbrellas around in the car and in the hall, and tries to carry one whenever it looks like rain. She’s always asking me if I want one.

I’m not an umbrella person. If it’s dry, it’s unnecessary. If it is raining very heavily, you will get wet anyway. If there’s a heavy wind, the umbrella will likely sustain mortal injury. There’s such a narrow set of circumstances in which an umbrella is helpful it’s not worth it.

Plus, being tall, the umbrellas held by shorter people on the sidewalk are at my eye level. So it’s easy for me to regard them as more hazardous than helpful.

Give me a good quality windbreaker any day.

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