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Friday, September 16, 2011

Infographics explained


This image is available as a print from the artist here: http://society6.com/albyantoniazzi/MOST-POPULAR-INFOGRAPHICS-You-can-find-around-the-Web_Print?show=promoters#user_list 

This is a great piece of work.  I have two reactions:

1. This is great at pointing out the repetitive vacuity of most infographic work. It’s like turning knowledge into Powerpoint!

2. But there is an exception.  The Periodic Table of the Elements is a great intellectual achievement presented in easy-to-understand graphic form. So there IS hope for infographics. It’s just that like so many other areas: 90% isn’t worth much, 9.9% is useful, and 0.1% is brilliant.

While we’re on the periodic table of the elements, here’s a periodic table version of “Who’s on First”:


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