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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Organic bicycle saddles

Here’s a niche product for you.

Brooks has introduced a line of organic bicycle saddles. 

Brooks saddles are made from leather, and are themselves a niche item you either love (count me in) or hate (they take a few hundred miles to “break in”).  Now the have a line of leather saddles made from organic leather.

Each hide is can be traced to its farm of origin

They do not seem to come with a picture of old Bessie before her demise.

The saddles are evidently different.

Cattle raised on organic farms tend to live markedly longer lives, developing over time a thicker hide than that of an intensively farmed animal.  It is not uncommon for seven years to pass in the life of the former, whereas in the case of the latter, 2.5 years would be considered old age indeed….[They] take a touch longer to “break in” than some of our others, but the rewards accruing to long-distance cyclists hardly need to be elaborated upon.

And while Brooks saddles are made in a factory, they still have that personal touch:

Select tops are vegetable tanned, like the rest of the Brooks saddle range, and their rivets are hand hammered to the top, most frequently by Eric Murray.


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