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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Pink camouflage?

They cleaned out the fourth floor refrigerator at work yesterday, and I saw a kid’s lunchbox left on the coffee machine.  It had the last name of a co-worker who’d moved to the third floor, so I called her and asked if she knew a Maddie H___.

“Yes, that’s my daughter..??”

“Well, I think she left her lunchbox on the coffee machine on A4.”

“Is it a pink camouflage lunchbox?”

I looked and saw that it was indeed a camouflage design, but not in tans, browns, and greens, but in shades of pink.  I tried to imagine a whole army dressed in pink camouflage uniforms, perhaps doing urban warfare in the boutiques of Manhattan.



Guy and Rodd’s Brevity comic recently showed a possible use for pink camouflage.  Did they get the idea from a young girl’s lunchbox?


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