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Monday, November 07, 2011

Article on Roger Ebert

I have found myself agreeing more with Roger Ebert than with any other movie critic.


There’s a great article on Ebert by Maureen Dowd here. I give it thumbs up.




But my favorite quote isn’t something Ebert said, but something Ebert got Robert Mitchum to say:


The man who became famous for bellowing at Siskel believes the key to a good interview is shutting up. He encouraged subjects like Lee Marvin, Robert Mitchum and Woody Allen to give monologues.

“Somebody asked my wife once, What’s your idea of your husband?” Mitchum told him. “And she answered: He’s a masturbation image. Well, that’s what we all are. Up there on the screen, our goddamn eyeball is six feet high, the poor bastards who buy tickets think we really amount to something.” He continued: “Making faces and speaking someone else’s lines is not really a cure for cancer, you know,” noting that one of the greatest movie stars was Rin Tin Tin.


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