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Friday, January 13, 2012

Four Pinocchios for ‘King of Bain’


Glenn Kessler gives Newt Gingrich’s PAC it’s “top” rating for lying for its attack ads on Mitt Romney.

I hold no great love for Vulture Capitalists, since I’ve been working for a company that was a failing public company, got bought on the cheap by an smart operator who made another fortune off of it, then sold it to a venture capital firm.

But demonizing Romney for being one of these guys is a bit much. Romney set himself up for this by claiming he knew how to create jobs, which is not at all what such firms do. Their aim is to make money, pure and simple. If jobs are destroyed, so what? If jobs are stripped of benefits, so what? If jobs are created, so what? All that’s beside the point of the venture capitalists making money. Romney was pretty darned good at it, but it doesn’t play well with voters, so he tries to make it look like Bain was some sort of charitable job creation program and he was a capitalist Mother Theresa.

But lying about specific cases is the nature of the Gingrich attack, as clearly laid out in detail by Kessler.  If Romney exaggerates, Gingrich lies and distorts.

This isn’t helping.

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