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Sunday, January 22, 2012


I was in Target last night to buy some low-end sheets. I found some being discontinued, for $3.88 each, so I’m feeling good as I go by the towel display.

Target had all their grades of towels on display, all in white, with a short blurb on each one.  The cheapest bath towel was advertised as their fastest drying towel, and indicated you could save money on your dryer bill by buying them.

Sounded good to me.  Only when I’m driving home does the blindingly obvious occur to me: the reason they are the fastest drying towel is because they are thinner.

Of course, that’s why: a thinner towel will obviously dry faster. So, I feel like a bit of a dunce. Still, I think it was a decent price for a towel that seems decently made, so I’m OK with the purchase.

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