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Friday, December 21, 2012

For all you Australian statisticians out there

Sometimes you read a blog post, and it sounds like something you’d like to write:

For 25 years I have been an intre­pid sta­tis­ti­cal con­sul­tant, tack­ling the wild fron­tiers of real data, real prob­lems and real time con­straints. I have faced prob­lems rang­ing from lin­guis­tics to river beds, from mak­ing paper plates to sell­ing pies at the MCG, from tax office audits to sur­veys about the colour pur­ple. Uni­ver­sity edu­ca­tion helps pre­pare you to be a sta­tis­ti­cal con­sul­tant in the same way that Google maps helps pre­pare you to cross the Simp­son Desert. You have some idea of the main fea­tures, but when you get there, noth­ing looks familiar.

That’s from Rob Hyndman, who in addition to his consulting is a professor of statistics at Monash University, Australia, author of a few books, a journal editor, and author of the R forecasting package. He’s also a helpful guy over at Cross-Validated (a Q&A site for statistics questions).

I think everybody who’s done consulting either inside or outside an organization has had some of these adventures, and it would be good to hear Rob’s.

http://t.co/sLSUZubR for more info.

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