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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Illinois Pension Theatre: Thumbs Down

So the Illinois legislature has adjourned without any action on pension reform of on those mountains of unpaid bills.  But not without theatre.

The house passed the Madigan bill, which substantially improves the unfunded pension situation, but which seems unconstitutional on the face of it.  But the house can claim they tried, and the senate refused to go along.

The senate passed Cullerton's bill, which doesn't seem to go far enough. But the senate can claim they tried, and the house refused to go along.

So Democratic members of both houses can claim they did their best and should be re-elected, while collectively the Democratic members of the house and senate and the Democratic governor have done nothing significant about this problem for years.  Even a massive income tax increase didn't lead to either the bills being paid or the pension shortfall addressed.

But the theatre of figuring out how to look like you are trying to deal with the problem continues.

This production deserves "Thumbs Down".

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