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Saturday, November 16, 2013

A nutty fall

There are a lot of nuts in the neighborhood this fall.  The burr oaks have produced a bumper crop of acorns. There are abundant black walnuts. There are a lot of squirrels. There are ALWAYS a lot of squirrels in the neighborhood, but seem to be more than usual this year, probably due to the abundance of food.

All the good places to store nuts must have already been taken, because I am finding black walnuts in unusual places, such as this:


This could not possibly have gotten there without animal help.  The nearest black walnut tree is at least 50 yards away, and black walnuts are far too heavy to be blown far.

I’m amused by this, although frankly I’m a bit disconcerted that the squirrels seem so familiar with my electric service box.

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