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Friday, November 01, 2013

Writing a book

Now that I'm at least semi-retired, people ask what I plan on doing Among the activities I list are "and I want to try some of the writing projects I've never gotten around to completing."

By that, I mean some of the professional articles in technical journals I've intended to write.  But some people ask, "You're going to write a book?"

Obviously, these people have never read my previous longer works, such as "Adjusting Panel to Criterion" (2004, 115 pages), "NBD Target Group Specs" (2006, 88 pages) or "Academic Data Set: Field and File Description" (2013, 75 pages).  While providing valuable information, these would only be commercially marketable as insomnia cures.

As The Intern at GoComics said recently: "Anyone can write a book, but not everyone should have a book published. Some people ought to keep a journal, and leave it at that."   The Intern provided some nice publishing-related comics there, one of which I'll reproduce below:

Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley

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