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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Camp Michigania, week one 2007

We had a great vacation last week at Camp Michigania. This is the 15th time we've been there, but hadn't been since 2003. Camp was fun, but one of the best parts was seeing many of the campers we hadn't seen in 4 years again and catching up on stuff.
Pictures are here:
Yes, there are endless pictures on a chestnut tree. I thought Bill Payne might be interested in these -- I'll probably take most of them down from the Picasa site when I run out of room there. It's a great tree, but pictures really don't convey the feeling. There's also a few of the post-regatta party, along with the regatta winners.
We stopped briefly to visit the ancients in Linden Hills on the way back, although only Sylvia was there at the time. There's a nice picture of her with Beth, Abby and Deb.
Despite the 4-passenger-plus-luggage load, the Prius averaged over 40 m.p.g. each way -- providing fewer natural potty stops than we used to get out of the mini-van, despite its larger tank.