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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The IRI Marketing Data Set

For obvious reasons, I don't talk about work on this blog. This is an exception.

IRI has just released an extensive set of data for academic use. This is 5 years of store scanner data and panel data for 30 large categories, and some TNS advertising data on two categories.

This is such a large data set (over 50 gigabytes) that we are delivering it on a USB drive.

More information about this data set can found at the IRI web site.
UPDATE: Link is now http://www.symphonyiri.com/Insights/Academics/tabid/178/Default.aspx

This site contains a high level description of the data set (Bronnenberg, Kruger and Mela, 2008, published in the July-August issue of Marketing Science), and a document containing terms of use for the dataset.

We've set up a Google Groups site to support the data set. This group is available to those who've signed the terms of use and received the data set.

This is the first database submission that Marketing Science has accepted. Eric Bradlow has an editorial about this in the same issue.

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