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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Who's a popular governor?

How popular are various governors? In particular, is Palin really the most popular governor?

Using the data from Rasmussen, we can see that Palin is very popular in Alaska. She might not be the most popular governor in the US, but she's close.

So, how to they rate? Giving 3 points to "excellent", 2 to "good", 1 to "fair" and 0 to poor, we can compute a weighted average of the responses. Here's now they stack up:

Name State Weighted ave
John Hoeven (R) North Dakota 2.06
Jon Huntsman Jr. (R) Utah 1.92
Dave Heineman (R) Nebraska 1.91
Mike Beebe (D) Arkansas 1.86
Sarah Palin (R) Alaska 1.85
Bobby Jindal (R) Louisiana 1.76
Brian Schweitzer (D) Montana 1.76
Bob Riley (R) Alabama 1.74
Mike Rounds (R) South Dakota 1.67
Jodi Rell (R Connecticut 1.66
John Lynch (D) New Hampshire 1.65
Mark Sanford (R) South Carolina 1.64
Phil Bredesen (D) Tennessee 1.61
Haley Barbour (R) Mississippi 1.60
Charlie Crist (R) Florida 1.58
Joe Manchin III (D) West Virginia 1.57
Kathleen Sebelius (D) Kansas 1.55
Tim Pawlenty (R) Minnesota 1.53
Sonny Perdue (R) Georgia 1.52
Janet Napolitano (D) Arizona 1.52
David Paterson (D) New York 1.51
Bill Richardson (D) New Mexico 1.46
Bill Ritter (D) Colorado 1.41
Tim Kaine (D) Virginia 1.40
Ted Strickland (D) Ohio 1.40
Rick Perry (R) Texas 1.32
Christine Gregoire (D) Washington 1.29
Chet Culver (D) Iowa 1.29
Don Carcieri (R) Rhode Island 1.29
Ed Rendell (D) Pennsylvania 1.28
Deval Patrick (D) Massachusetts 1.26
Jim Doyle (D) Wisconsin 1.23
Ted Kulongoski (D) Oregon 1.19
Ernie Fletcher (R) Kentucky 1.15
Martin O'Malley (D) Maryland 1.12
Mike Easley (D) North Carolina 1.12
Matt Blunt (R) Missouri 1.06
Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) California 1.05
Jon Corzine (D) New Jersey 1.02
John Baldacci (D) Maine 1.02
Jennifer Granholm (D) Michigan 0.99
Jim Gibbons (R) Nevada 0.82
Rod Blagojevich (D) Illinois 0.62

By my weighting, Palin is 5th. If we just sort on "excellent", she's #2 next to Hoeven.

Dead last, and not even close, is our own Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich.

How unpopular is Rod? Here's his poll numbers:
Excellent 3%
Good 13%
Fair 26%
Poor 57%

I might point out that Rod is a second term governor, meaning we re-elected him. [By "we", I don't mean I voted for him.]

Speculation is the Rod is more popular in the U.S. Attorney's office. ;)

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