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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mr Rogers leaves the air

It seems to odd to think that Mr. Rogers is leaving PBS due to low ratings.

PBS said its decision is a reaction to the show's declining ratings and the desire of many local stations, which set their own schedules, for new programming. Episodes eventually may be available online, PBS said.

About 60 percent of PBS' 355 member stations carry "Mister Rogers." After Monday, that will shrink to a handful showing it daily, estimated an executive at Family Communications, a non-profit launched by Fred Rogers that produced and still owns the show.

The change means it's no longer feasible for PBS to keep "Mister Rogers" on the air, said Dan Soles, senior vice president of television content at WTTW. It showed "Mister Rogers" at 6 a.m. as part of 12 hours of children's programming a day.

With all the old dreck showing 24/7 on dozens of cable networks, is there no place for one of the finest children's shows of all time?

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