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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Liquidity and patience

OK, I've been obsessed with the bailout, and Google AdSense has noticed. I followed an ad link on this blog to an essay by Ken Peterson, with private equity firm Columbia Ventures Corporation.

He makes an interesting point here:

The lack of liquidity problem can be solved with patient money. But this is hard to come by in an atmosphere of fear. When one cannot tell whether any particular hardship is caused by illiquidity or insolvency the resulting uncertainty demands a high price for patience. Are we to imagine, however, that the people in the Treasury or Congress are somehow smarter or wiser than the people at Bank of America, Morgan Stanley or Berkshire Hathaway in differentiating the two? The real difference I see is that the political elite can force millions of innocent citizens to underwrite Government’s power trip while private parties must persuade us to freely part with our money. This is coercion, not liberty.

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