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Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday June 14 Hamilton IN to Goshen IN

58 miles

Riding through Amish farm country all day. Very pretty but no gas stations or cstores to stop for water and stuff. Met an Amish farmer on a Burley recumbent who invited us for dinner tonight.

The dinner was a 40th birthday celebration, but most of the men had been on a 2 day, 120 mile bike ride one year earlier, several commuted to work in Elkhart by bike, one worked in his brother's bike shop, etc.  Lots of interest in bike by the Amish.

Of course, we learned a lot.  I've been through Amish country before, but without really having more than superficial contact.  Dinner with Lavern, Glenda and their friends reminded me a lot of Glenview New Church member get-togethers: people who know each other well and share a religious bond and maybe have a few relatives in the bunch.

We got a buggy ride; Abby even took the reigns for a brief spell.

They gave us a nice place to sleep and provided a hearty breakfast -- hearty enough to do our longest day the next day.

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  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    A farmer on a recumbent bike? Nobody here thinks this is possible. Please provide details of meal for reality check. Just remember, stay dry, stay strong, stay on the road! Uncle Chris