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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday June 12: Norwalk OH to Perrysburg OH

66.5 miles

We never ran into the scattered thunderstorms that were forecast.  It was a nice day with mostly crosswinds and good trails and roads – well, until the end, when it got hot with heavy headwinds.

There was a lucky accident. I ripped my shorts and stopped at a bike shop near a trail in Elmore (North Coast Inland Trail).  The shop had a good selection, and also Cliff bars on sale.  Mike at the shop also gave me improved directions to Perrysburg that involved less of US 20, although he couldn’t provide a route that didn’t have afternoon heat and headwinds.  We saw considerable damage from the tornado earlier in the week – the high school was pretty much destroyed.

On the trails, we’re seeing lots of groundhogs and chipmunks.

At this rate, it’s likely we will  be in Chicago by next weekend.

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