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Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 26: Glenview IL to Delavan WI

82 miles

A bit of a slow start; when they put together Beth's bike they tightened the pedals so tight that we could not remove them to replace them with clipless SPD pedals. We'll have to try a bike shop, maybe in Madison.

Mark Junge joined us for the 42 miles to lunch in McHenry; it was good to have some company and to have someone else provide early navigation (since we were following Mark's commute to work route for a while).

There were nice prairie wetland views north of McHenry on the trail (basically the northern extension of the Fox River trail, all the way to the Wisconsin line -- where it ends abruptly, on a small path between two houses on a side street.

Friday, I was unable to find a hotel room in Elkhorn and barely found one in Delavan -- it's June, near Lake Geneva resorts, and there's a Jimmy Buffet concert!  The intermediate connections with the car got messed up, so Beth, Abby and I did all 82 miles, which is tough duty for the first day back on the road.

One problem with our new jerseys for the trip (see earlier post until I get pictures up from yesterday) is the big "K" on the back.  The 3 of us were walking together and (twice) someone said "Hey, it's the KKK".  I responded back "Hey! Everybody needs a sponsor", but Abby didn't seem to think that was the appropriate response.

In Lake Geneva, they'd rerouted county H since I was last there, and it's now on the expressway.  We got a bit lost, but then headed west on WI 50 to Delavan, which had a nice enough shoulder.

Trey drove up from Chicago, and we had a nice meal celebrating Beth's recent completion of her master's degree.

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