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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 27: Delavan WI to Madison WI

92 miles

We left Delavan in the rain, which lasted about an hour. There was a pretty ride through the countryside -- a bit too pretty, as the favorite route with the best views (and peacocks!) turned out to be longer and so we had some bonus miles.

We met Deb in the sag car at Helenville, and ate in a bar and wings restaurant there. It was the best restaurant in town (only). After that, Deb, Abby and Beth went off to get Deb's birthday present, a Garmin GPS system to go in the car.  I did the last 47 miles on the Glacial Drumlin trail (blocked in 3 places by storm damage from the previous night).  The trail is very confusing as it gets rerouted around the highway construction on WI 26, and I had to seek the help of locals who weren't always sure where it went either.  Good prairie wetlands views -- in one case, I was on a dike for about a mile and a half with periodic bluebird boxed uniformly every so many feet. A weird feeling. Didn't see any bluebirds, though.

Jess, a friend of Beth's, patiently put us up for the night.  We went out to supper at a restaurant appropriately called "The Weary Traveler."

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