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Sunday, June 06, 2010

June 5 Hagerstown MD to Paw Paw WV

64.8 miles

Picked up C&O towpath at Williamsport and spemt most of the day on it. 28 mm tires not ideal for muddy limestone, but OK. 22 miles on W Maryland RR trail then even more mud. But flat!

Abby found the variety of turtles on the path fascinating, but the turtles must have tired her out because she was tired by the end of the day. She claims it was my snoring the night before, and since my nose is a bit stuffed up that might be true.

Staying in a B&B here in tiny Paw Paw which we thought was closed, but another rider told us that they just aren't good at answering the phone.

Highlight of the day was the Paw Paw tunnel, a 3000 ft cut through a mountain so the canal could pass through.

No TMobile service here, phone or wireless or internet, so this post is probably late and pictures will have to wait as well.
(sent from Blackberry; be tolerant of spelling.)

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