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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 13: Riverton WY to DuBois WY

79 miles

Today we followed US 26 up the Wind River valley -- what a surprise to get more wind. By the time we got to the third shift of the day, the 31 miles from Crowfoot to DuBois, the headwind was 27 mph gusting to 32. This kept up until we ended the day in DuBois with the wind at 23 mph gusting to 39. With gusts of that speed, you get a bit sandblasted by the bits of debris in the wind. The wind was most commonly at an 11 o'clock angle, but often switched up on us and came from 12 or 1 o'clock.

The Wind River valley was pretty, and we got lots of time to observe it as we crept along.

We took more pictures partly because the territory was more interesting (hadn't seen any beefalo this trip yet, but that's what these look like) -- and partly to have an excuse to stop for a bit.

Perhaps we would have gotten to DuBois faster by Jackelope, but this one stayed firmly cemented in DuBois.

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