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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14: DuBois WY to Jackson WY

88 miles (well, 71)

At 6 a.m. Beth and I headed out with the wind already blowing heavily. The plan was for us to do 20 miles, then all 3 of us would do the last 17 miles to the Continental Divide and the pass.  Luckily, the wind died down.

It is with mixed emotions that we found out that highway reconstruction on US 26 meant 17 miles of it (including the miles just before and just after the divide) were closed to bikes and we had to get a ride in the pilot truck (or put the bikes on the Prius, which is what we did).  We were pretty wiped from the last two days of wind, but it would also have been a nice challenge to get to the top.  They’d actually removed all signage from the top of the pass, probably to keep drivers from stopping.

Afterwards, Abby and I had a nice 39 mile descent on bumpy, no-shoulder US 26 [glad they are reconstructing it] and then a wonderful ride through Grand Teton National Park to Jackson.  Abby spotted a bald eagle, which conveniently flew about 30 feet over my head to allow easy identification.
Beth with the Grand Tetons in the background.  After our bike trip, she's going on a backpacking trip here with Trey and other friends.

Tomorrow we are taking a rest day and driving up to Yellowstone.

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