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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

August 3: Back to work

So today it was back to work.

I decided to bike in. Despite the fact that it rained all the way in, riding felt so natural and good, and I wanted to keep going after the 20 miles.

They'd saved up plenty of work for me. I already knew that, since I was dealing with email during the trip, but it was still a surprise to tote up all stuff to be done.  In my absence, IRI consolidated down to one building (having subleased the second building), renamed the main projects I was working on in a strange, counterintuitive manner, reorganized divisions again, and pissed away 30 years of marketplace recognition by telling employees to call the company SIG instead of IRI.

The joke is that SIG is GIS (Geographic Information System) spelled backwards, and so the name change would give the company direction, albeit not forward direction. 

But that's not quite right. Apparently SIG is an acronym for "Systeme d'Information Geographique", which is French for GIS. So perhaps the name change will move us forward. Or maybe move us to France.

Acronym Finder has the following other abbreviations for SIG:
Possible MeaningsRank
Single Instant Game******
Serving the Greater******
Strategy for Improving******
Software Installation Guide******
Special Interest Groups*****
Strategic Initiative Grants*****
Success of the Inaugural*****
Site Includes General*****
Sistemas de Informacion Geografica*****
Sistemas de Información Geográfica*****
Systemes d'Information Geographique*****
Systeme d'Information Geographique*****
Soroptimist International of Great*****
Stamford Industrial Group*****
Strategy Implementation Group*****
special interests groups*****
Sistema de Informacion Geografica*****
Sistema de Información Geografica*****
Southern Indiana Gas****
Solomon Islands Government****
State Innovation Grant****
Social Issues Group****
State Improvement Grant****
Systemes d'Informations Geographiques****
Shin Instep Guards****
Structural Informatics Group****
Scandinavian IT Group****
Standards Interpretation Group****
Specific Interest Group****
Stennis Institute of Government****
Space Island Group****
Science Interest Group****
Social Inclusion Group****
Schweizerischen Israelitischen Gemeindebundes****
School Improvement Grant****
Special Intervention Group****
Sistema Integrado de Gestion****
Spring the Girls***
Sistema Informativo Geografico***
Stichting Instituut GAK***
Special Issue on Game***
Special Internet Group***
Social Initiatives Group***
Service Information Guide***
Small Innovative Grants***
Software Improvement Group***
Schweizerischer Israelitischer Gemeindebund***
Symposium on Growing***
Systems Integration Group***
Schweizerische Interpreten Gesellschaft***
Specific Interest Groups***
State Infrastructure Grants***
strategic implementation group***
Sistem Informasi Geografis***
Society Interest Group***
Services Integration Group***
Student Interest Group***
Social Intervention Group***
Sisteme Informatice Geografice***
Shared Instrumentation Grant***
State Infrastructure Grant***
Sourcing Interests Group***
Strata Information Group***
Symons International Group***
Southern Insurance Group***
State Improvement Grants***
Shared Instrumentation Grants***
Special Interests Group***
Stanford Investment Group***
Software Interest Group***
Symphony in the Glen***
Serials Interest Group***
Sistemi Informativi Geografici***
School Improvement Group***
Shared Interest Groups***
Sourcing Interest Group***
Student Interest Groups***
Special Interested Group***
Sierra Insurance Group***
Safety Issues Group***
Standardized Information Gathering***
Surgery Interest Group***
State Incentive Grants***
Stichting Integratie Gehandicapten***
Self Insured Group***
Security Implementation Guidelines***
Security in Government***
Shaqab Institute for Girls***
Sustainable Industry Group***
Standard Information Gathering***
Special Investigation Group***
Stanford in Government***
Systematic Idea Generation***
Special Interst Group***
Surveillance Implementation Group***
Special Intrest Group***
Student Incentive Grant***
Secure Interworking Gateway***
Stroke Interest Group***
Senior Interagency Group***
Supermarionation Is Go***
Society and Game***
Strategic Impact Group***
Stock Image Group***
Stamford Insurance Group***
Spezial Interessen Gruppen***
Scholarship and Grants***
Scholarship Interest Group***
Sports International Group***
Specialist Interest Groups***
Strategic Information Group***
SSHRC Institutional Grants***
Supplemental Information Gathering***
Services Interest Group***
Sport Instituut Galgenwaard***
Sistim Informasi Geografis**
Special Investigations Group**
Stonewall Immigration Group**
Slavic Interest Group**
silica-induced genes**
Silver-intensified gold**
splenic injury grade**
superior intake group**
surface immuno-globulin**
Statistical Interactive Glossary**
SSHRC Institutional Grant**
Solomon Island Government**
Scientific Interest Group**
short-term incubation group**
silver-intensified immunogold**
Societa Italiana Gomma**
Sovereign Insurance Group**
Skipton Information Group**
S Interest Group**
Silly Interrupt Generator**
Student Insurance Group**
Special Initiative Group**
social integration group**
Sheffield Insulation Group**
Staff Interpretive Guidance**
Science Institutes Group**
Specialty Interest Group**
SHARC Image Generator**
Service Interval Guide**
State Improvment Grant**
anti-surface immunoglobulin**
cell-surface immunoglobulin**
phthalate-specific immunoglobulin**
Southern Industrial Gases**
Spatial Informatics Group**
Social Infrastructure Group**
Special Interest Groupin**
Several Interest Groups**
State Implementation Grant**
Statewide Improvement Grant**
Service Information Generator**
Special Information Groups**
Sistema Informativo Generale**
Strategic Interest Group**
System Information Guide**
Secure Identity Gateway**
Strategic Industry Group**
Structural Immunology Group**
Self Insurance Groups**
Small Interest Groups**
So the International Game**
Southern Interest Group**
Science Initiative Group**
Service Improvement Group**
Standard Interval Guides**
Script Installer Generator**
Simplified Inertial Guidance**
Sorority Interest Group**
Special Integration Groups**
Sports Internet Group**
S Independent Games**
Schweizer Industrie Gesellschaft**
Service Interest Group**
Small Inducible Genes**
Solomon Islands the Governor**
Special Industry Group*
staffordshire invertebrate group*
Support Implementation Group*
Site Interface Gateway*
Sniper Inn Gang*
Symptom Impact Glaucoma*
Sharing Interest Group*
Smithsonian Institution Global*
Southwest Information Gateway*
Standard Implementation Guidelines*
Schuermann Ingenieur Gesellschaft*
Shared Instrument Grant*
SinAsylum Internet Group*
Sistema de Informacion General*
Sports In Greece*
Stroppy Ignorant Girl*
Swedish Institute for Geographic*
Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics*
Setup Information Guide*
Shropshire Invertebrates Group*
Special Investigation Groups*
Student Impact Grant*
Summer Insitute for the Gifted*
Sistemas de Informacion Geografi*
Shadow Island Games*
Salzburg Institute for Geography*
Systemes d'Info Geographiques*
Spatial Information about Great*
Special Inquiry Group*
Salzburg Institute of Geography*
Satellite Images from Goddard*
Schedules of International Games*
Schorr Ian Gatech*
Schuller International Group*
Scripps Institute of Geophysics*
Search for Images in Geology*
Sensor Integration Group*
Smithsonian Institution Gem*
Sofi the Italian Greyhound*
Southern Illinois Geology*
State of Idaho Governor*
Stuttgart Institute of Geology*
Surf Information Geared towards*
Swann Imaging Grapics*
Systemes d'Information Geography*

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