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Monday, July 25, 2011

Pet cats: wild hunters of the suburbs.

So, if you let your pet cat outdoors, it may be out there for hours, but what does it do out there? Pretty much the same thing it does indoors, which is find a place to sleep.

The research, published in the Journal of Wildlife Management, shows that pet cats [outdoors] maintain a rather lazy existence: they spent 80 percent of their time resting. They devoted another 17 percent to low-activity pursuits such as grooming and only 3 percent to high-activity pursuits such as hunting.

Even feral cats – without that food dish to come home to – aren’t exactly beehives of activity:

Unowned cats rested just 62 percent of the time and spent 14 percent, mostly at night, being highly active. Feral cats roamed far more widely than researchers had expected: up to 1,351 acres. In contrast, pet cats stayed within an average of about five acres of home.

On the plus side, cats haven’t developed nuclear weapons, and aren’t responsible for global warming.

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